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Frequently Asked Questions About dedicated hosting

Q: Why do we need dedicated Internet servers?
A: Companies choose dedicated servers primarily because the full administrative access to the server. Businesses with customized e-commerce and database applications cannot possibly run their applications on a shared server.

Dedicated servers are always more reliable than a shared server due to the fact that there is no longer a large number of web sites competing for shared resources (CPU, Memory and Hard disk) all on the same server. The result is a faster loading website which is more secure.

Q: Why co-locate your dedicated servers with an Internet data center?
A: By outsourcing their Internet servers to Thejnet, businesses gain the benefits of a Telco-class data center without incurring the expense of building their own. It costs millions of dollars to build and operate an Internet data center with ultra fast redundant Internet backbone connections, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and 24x7 support staff.

Q: Why should we host our dedicated servers with Thejnet?
A: following are some the reasons why you should host your dedicated servers with Thejnet.

Q: How can we test an ISP's connection and speed before we sign up with them?
A: There is a popular Internet tool called trace route that you can use to check the speed and connection of any ISP. A trace route from point A to point B will send a packet from point A to point B and will show you every stop it passes and at what speed. It is important to check the connection and speed between major Internets interconnect points and your ISP. In trace route the speed is measured by millisecond (ms). ISPs with consistent smaller ms are better. It is important to choose an ISP that is close to all major International Internet backbones such as: UUNET (, Sprint (, and AT&T ( Major Internet backbones carry over 90% of Internet traffics. You can run trace route tests at these providers' trace route page.

Q: We noticed that you host lots of servers; will you oversell your capacity?
A: No, we only used about 15% of our total capacity. We always add more capacity when our usage level reaches 50% of our total capacity.

Q: How many web sites can I host on a dedicated server?
A: All depends on the server you host, But as far we our concerned for the price $250 you can put on the server whatever application you wish and as much bandwidth it requires.

Q: How do we order your dedicated server collocation service?
A: Request a dedicated server collocation contract By clicking here Send the contract to us by fax or postal mail, Or feel free to call in the office @866-866-JNET And ask for a hosting representative.

Q: How long will it take to get our dedicated server up and running?
A: Fully configured servers will be up and running on the same day we receive it.

Q: I can't afford a dedicated server now. Can I order a web site on a shared server and upgrade to a dedicated server later on?
A: Yes, you can order a web site on a shared server from us for beginning $29 a month. You can upgrade to a dedicated server at anytime. There won't be any service interruption when you upgrade.



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